I will make in the wilderness a pool of water, and the dry land springs of water. Isaiah 41:18

Aint That Life

Kindle book
I Sing Noel
Income Tax Time
Kinder Reminder
A Bridge Begun
Memorial Day
Rail and Trail
Worth a Try
Honors to Dad
Scattered Showers Morning
Beginnng the Week With Rain
Return to Time We Knew
Patience Tested
Awesome Visit
Summer Progress
Doors Closing and Opening
Music on the river
Morning Welcome
County Culmination
Dealing With the Load
Snipping Wilted Flowers
Prepare Last Night--not there yet
Stepping or Stumbling Stones
Dream on
Winner, In a Way
Father's Talk
Fall Festival Events

Celebrating Fall
Woodland Trail
Warning When Needed
Faces of Fall
Dear Deer
One of Her Favorite Things
Improved perception
Rice Pudding
Awesome Order
Autumn Drive
Moving Through Fall
Happy Time Change
Waiting Room Waiting
For His Presence
Meeting the Lord
Guide My Day
Hanson Christmas
Love's Aspiration
Father Guide
Precious Reflections
Luggage and Heart
Brand New Day
Back End To
Holy Day, Right Side Up
Season Trade
Acknowledged Gift
A Deserted Computer
Farewell 2015 and Welcome 2016
Shaping the Day
Where is There?
Canyon Jaunt
Thanks for the Memories
By the Surf
Small Sonnet of Peace
Singing Days Songbook
High Desert Park
A Song Revisited
Sins of Omission
Resilient Wisconsinites
Frazzled Flower