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Father Guide

The author, You, of honesty and truth,
Who make our foolish subterfuges pale,
forgiving shallow viewpoints of our youth,
and kindly letting the unhelpful fail.

When wresting from the mass, deceptive twist,
a light on the straightforward aim, You shed,
and, with a conscience clear, unbind the wrist,
allowing a free spirit move ahead.

With Your guidance, impulse comes to act,
not only to direct, but empower.
What was hazy, confused, becomes fact,
and rescues from the error of the hour.

So, let us seek Your guidance and Your might,
that when the path, confused by influence,
prestige or selfish gain, imagined right,
may be guided by Your honorable intents.

Not only--joy!--empowered by Your Will,
But to be gently nurtured by Your way.
reproved with nudge, reminding me that, still,
I am Your child; help me not go astray.

12/01/2015 Carol Welch
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