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Precious Reflections

As in our gratitude time we reflect,
on Providence that we might not expect,
watchful eyes and skillful hands moved to protect,
that Father God in need did provide and select.

A tiny emerging babe's life-giving coil,
threatened to snuff out the life it had sustained.
Then caring, careful hands did loving toil,
undid the tension of the cord, although untrained.

And sixteen years--yes, sixteen years--her life we shared,
the smiling, laughing, helping, reaching high,
sweet arms that hugged, abandoned, no love spared,
delight to heart, to spirit, ear and eye.

The joyful laughter that still tinkles in the ear,
the way her bright presence and her words could hold,
without keen eyes and skillful hands, had not been here,
nor through her life, the Savior's message told.

Another time, a grateful heart reflects,
when because of other watchful eyes and hand,
her mother, also, Providence protects,
when two huge semis faced where she did stand.

A tiny girl, not yet two, evaded watchful eyes;
the air horns--two--the mother gasped in fear.
Between semis pathways, threatening her demise,
a panic, attention slipped, failure to see or hear.

Then watchful eyes and skillful hands of men,
were there to snatch her babe from peril again.

And, would you believe this darling girl, a teen,
would overlook through traffic on the street?
A driver's watchful eyes avoided once again,
though bearing damage of his own, saved life so sweet.

Those incidents, not unique, still occurred,
on other occasions, in this precious life.
With care of the Father's hand, she then matured,
brought forth eight children as a mother and a wife.

But, sixteen years, though ending hard to bear,
are treasured for the joy and warmth they lent.
Her mother, also, had God not sent hands to spare,
we'd never have known the dear girl, life and love she sent.

Those that have known and seen their life and word,
just walking with Father God that gloom defies,
generations yet to come may know the Lord,
because of skillful hands and watchful eyes.

Her mother, had the Father not sent hands to spare,
we'd never know the dear girl, life and love she sent.
But, sixteen years, though not the ending, hard to bear,
are treasured for the warmth and joy, and light they lent.

12/02/2015 Carol Welch
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