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Happy Time Change

It's coming, "rolling around ", they say,
that extra hour of sleep we've waited for.
Before we know it, the full light of day
will be here when we venture out the door.

It comes on the weekend, how well planned,
not late for church, perhaps an hour too soon.
With cause for smiles, outside we may stand,
the watch not reset before last night's moon.

Speaking of moon, we shouldn't sense surprise,
when this evening, at another hour,
when we expected sun, the moon will rise.
We'll use Polk-Burnett or Excel power.

Monday, when the yellow bus arrives,
daylight will be in force to the delight,
kids who dread dark mornings all their lives,
now will be shocked: at supper time it's night.

The older folks, --Who can they be?-- remark,
"God's time,", standard always was ok.
Did they forget the evenings' delayed dark
was pleasant? Oh, well, God rules night and day.

10/22/2015 Carol Welch
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