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Waiting Room Waiting

Should I tear a phone book page;
the waiting is so hard.
I could do some origami;
I've learned some of it by heart.

I won't resort to the waste basket;
I wish I'd brought a book.
Paper folding would have helped;
there's none anywhere I look.

I'd fall back on imagination;
no object is necessary,
except this pen and paper,
thank God for ones I carry.

If the doctor should appear soon,
innovation won't be drawn on,
and all the ways I thought up,
to use the time that's gone on

will lightly be forgotten,
as I go off on my way..
Oh, no! I realize this paper
could have saved my stress that day.

Could have avoided my coveting
of the innocent phone book page.
could have allayed lowdown temptation
for the waste basket, shame and rage.

"Be prepared," will be my byword.
Remember what went wrong.
Whenever I will be waiting,
I'll just take a book along.

10/23/2015 Carol Welch
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