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Moving Through Fall

We're moving on with branches bare,
except a few of firm tenacity.
Into the woods, now, if we compare,
a whole new world of flora we may see.

Feet stir rustling leaves along the way;
take care, dead branches hiding, now unseen,
may catch the foot of one whose eyes should stray,
and knees find hard packed ground with stones between.

Due caution taken, marvel at the new ,
revealed since summer foliage now is gone.
the bracket fungus shapes come into view,
Medusa hair-like forms on logs sag down.

Blue sky shows where leaves last week held sway;
a few red leaves still bright along the ground.
Tenacious woodbine clings, random array,
red berries, of Jack-in-the-pulpit found.

We're moving on, fall scenes explored;
departing birds softly regale the sky.
With grapevine wreath, pumpkin and bright gourd,
we welcome change as autumn marches by.

10/19/2015 Carol Welch
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