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Season Trade

In Wisconsin predicted heavy snow,
brings thoughts to me, the fires of home,
brisk stamping snow from boots, rosy glow,
both cheeks and firelight, subtly calm.

So chaste, yet tumultuous, it comes,
to shocked drivers, rendered briefly blind,
as gale shrieks and whistles, fingers numbs.
Tomorrow, fairy castles, you will find.

White beach here serenely greets the dawn;
sun's rise bodes the heat that's apt to be.
We tend to turn the thermostat less warn,
"just to" we quip, "reduce humidity."

So, all that's missed in crackling fires lacked,
now remedied by warmth, of sand and sea,
It's still ok our travel bags we packed.
Next spring, no doubt, unseasonable snow we'll see.

12/27/2015 Carol Welch
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