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Holy Day, Right Side Up

Christmas Eve, a little blue,
friends and family far away,
my own short comings with me too,
misplacing things my sad forte.

Not content to be in blahs,
I recalled my trust could lie,
not in jolly Santa Claus,
but a Friend who stays near by.

The gentle nudge, "You're off the course."
Inside, I peeked, and there was I.
instead of hope, nursing remorse,
not looking up, I grasped a lie.

The truth , my Friend reminded me,
is that it doesn't just get dumped,
although you must seek, it is free.
Self pity by His love is trumped.

So, set out, my Guide close by,
let Him help with faults excess,
take the accent off the "I"
remember, God's son came to bless.

So, recall my neighbors' smiles,
was it only yesterday?
Love was sent across the miles,
friendship shared along the way.

Father God shows, inside out,
His children have the victory.
Instead of sadness, a glad shout.
within our hearts, say," I'm set free."

12/24/2015 Carol Welch
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