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Father's Talk

He sent the gospel, Precious One,
directed us to love and share,
with every one beneath the sun,
and Only He brings meaning there.

When touching us with conscience's nudge,
or comfort for our brokenness,
He Himself our thoughts can judge,
bring us to faith or fault confess.

Words He inspired and they wrote,
can serve to draw us to His knee,
where He may clarify and note,
how His words of truth apply to me.

Precious words I heard and read,
meditated, repeated, memorized,
Became real when to my heart He said,
"You are My child, beloved and prized."

Words they wrote, and words I read,
led me on my hesitant way,
to look for Him, my hopes near dead.
His words were clear to me that day.

And so I read and hear and sing,
the loving message I perceive.
The words that to Your child You bring,
"Come, and live what you believe."

08/02/2015 Carol Welch
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