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Fall Festival Events

Cute moppet photos the news paper prints;
compare to lovely ladies, try a guess,
which is which in growing years passed since,
each was small, age five years old or less

Read on, will the medallion soon be found?
Who will Miss and Little Miss Amery be?
Much planning and hard work will abound,
as we celebrate our community.

Remember years gone by with exhibits,
depicting farming and homemaking too,
when the old high school grounds were the setting,
for vying for the ribbon that was blue.

With changing times, crafts and art are featured,
by the river, groups offer their wares,
serve turkey, brats and homemade pastries,
lively music regales with its airs.

With hardly a parking spot left in town,
spectators eagerly await the sound,
the first band and the crack of starting,
for treats tossed out, the kiddies gather 'round.

"I love a parade," expressed by many,
embellished floats with queen candidates
and reigning queen and queens from nearby towns;
many a small girl their waves emulates.

Up close some candidates for office,
shake hands, pass out brochures and smiles.
A fall that is leading to election,
they'll smile and shake hands for many miles.

The dignitaries of the town are honored,
while clowns bring laughter to the gathered throng,
awaited until last, equine performance,
then off to the carnival, come along.

A heritage we prize in smaller cities,
identifying with the present and the past.
A privilege to gather with our neighbors,
and honor traditions that can last.

09/10/2015 Carol Welch
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