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Dealing With the Load

When things pile up beyond our power,
we seek as we should all along,
for strength and wisdom for this hour,
we still want Him to fix what's wrong.

When clouds are gathering all around,
and no bright spot appears in sight,
look up now while He may be found;
a different way may come to light.

While tension mounts, no answer clear;,
on our own resources we rely.
We work and look. Can help be near?
It's powerlessness will bring strength by.

Hope, born of what God's done before,
appears before a change takes place.
The weakness at my very core,
prompts me to humbly see His face.

"Let go; let God", my freedom brings,
with guide, just walk steps of today.
With weight released, my spirit sings;
with lighter heart, I make my way.

07/29/2015 Carol Welch
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