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County Culmination

With forethought and vision,
order and precision,
another production takes form.
Attend to tradition,
new practice rendition,
ideas expanding the norm..

From experience proceeding,
to a goal leading,
to coordinate events, they press on.
From grass roots to center,
to prepare what they enter
days until entry day quickly gone.

Like farmers market's bounty,
we see judged in the county,
the quality and beauty produced.
River music's rendition,
to redwood deck tradition,
Time for local talent, a boost.

Then to poultry and cattle,
busy roads' hub bub battle,
Equine events draw a crowd..
Booths for sales or promotion,
commerce or devotion,
some advance a cause, fervor endowed.

Work and celebration,
we observe culmination,
of the season's efforts, hard won.
To the midway they wander
or rush, their time squander,
worth it all in the county fair's fun.

And, over all shelters,
through showers or swelters,
the Father, enabler of all.
Providing producing ,
talent unloosing,
and allowing glad hearts, have a ball.

07/24/2015 Carol Welch
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