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Honors to Dad

Whose shoulders are those that carry the lad?
Horsy-back man for a little girl?
The fellow who finds what it means to be Dad,
guides while being part of the whirl.

The role of the earner, young shoulders bear;
a leader in living they need.
New things come for some, for babies to care,
to play with, as well as to feed.

A big hand to hold while a toddler learns,
to face the big world all around,
who does his part with the wages he earns:
"Daddy's home." What a special sound.

It may be time wrong, shame-faced, to admit,
or time to proudly announce what he's done.
Daddy can make something worthwhile of it,
by lesson learned, wise words, loving fun.

Someday, that big hand, shaking, may hold,
the hand of his daughter, giving the bride.
And "Grandpa," someday, not seeming that old,
give a new boy or girl horsy ride,

A fast-moving world: demands just pour in,
and he'll accept the good and the bad.
Through the music of life and also the din,
there's a special honor for Dad.

06/13/2015 Carol Welch
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