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Scattered Showers Morning

Wet yard peeks from the dripping bower;
a new day has begun in gentle June.
Bent, but lifts its bright head, the flower,
with rain, sees the world again in tune.

New day, with weariness behind her, dawn,
with freshness, bidding energy anew,
enabling parting with happenings gone,
again,attempt at what's worthwhile and true.

Sad mind that thinks a happy thought may laugh;
the choice in actions, not outcome, the key.
Our problems shared, it's said, are cut in half,
joys shared, are multiplied, soon we can see.

Bright sunrise coyly slips behind the cloud,
we'll hold the glowing to keynote the day.
A choice we make can let us live out loud.
though unexpected showers dot our day.

06/15/2015 Carol Welch
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