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Beginnng the Week With Rain

Monday lifts her head into the rain--[
no umbrella breaks the dampness there--
and shakes the dripping cold and dull refrain
from her sodden, saturated hair.

The thunder peals across the valley wide,
and bids each dark and shaking tree to bow.
in futile pleading the onslaught subside,
and sunrise glow upon the far hill's brow.

Greenery along the pathway seems to speak,
a message a bit unwelcome to this mood.
If we will unwrap a brand new week,
wouldn't a smile of welcome do some good?

With proper measure of contrition then,
though most reluctant to admit the fact,
that without rain, no blooms would grace the glen,
and soil would be dry, unproductive, cracked.

So, like the week that starts out wet and dark,
foretells of good that can thereby take place,
again, we'll see the produce in the park.
and "showers that bring flowers," makes its case.

06/22/2015 Carol Welch
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