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Canyon Jaunt

Gnarly oak and clear blue sky,
invited down the rocky trail,
that someone smoothed, eased walking by,
so to unique land forms unveil.

Acutely curved arcs in the sand,
hoof prints of horses passed before,
lure us to further search the land,
scenes of pioneers' past explore.

The mind's eye pictures plucky folks,
determined westward forge ahead--..
an awe the rocky route evokes--
traveled, adventure, trumping dread.

A yucca, distant, points on high;
sage, desert willow screen the view
narrow window between rocks and sky,
each turn sees rugged plant anew.

Time short and energy now tapped,
the ranch still beckons, rustic scenes,
glimpse far off mountains, clouds enwrapped,
a vulture circles, hawk careens.

A venture, parting Joshua trees,
that welcomed me, unique, as well.
the ranch unreached, but returnees,
hail suppertime and dinner bell.

The west or east, humid or dry,
our Father's handiwork displays.
Fellowship shared beneath His sky,
adds to His creation in our praise.

01/26/2016 Carol Welch
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