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Where is There?

When I've picked it up and set it down,
I would expect it to be there.
But, where is "there", now that it's there?
Do I this scattered outlook share?

I set it down, I know, somewhere;
it can't exist now, on thin air.
If you this tendency, too, share.
let's see if we can find where's "there."

We'll track it back, retrace our track.
Perhaps it's there, somewhere out back.
But, if I know I wasn't there,
I can surmise that's not "there's" where.

So, friend, if you would be so kind,
to share with me an ordered mind,
and where the "there" is, help me find,
I'd leave that "where's--there" mix behind.

01/16/2016 Carol Welch
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