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Shaping the Day

This day, how will it now unfold?,
What resource, force, its outcome frame?
Result, then, by form of the mold,
may Heavenly Father grant His name.

A fixture, ability to shape,
scaffold to reach and hold in place,
a bulwark, obstacles meet, escape,
guide by His wise hand, kindly face.

May His dear countenance, we pray,
shine on us and on those we love,
That is the light to shape the day,
molding our moments by His love..

Our structure, built upon the Rock,
Whose blueprints, orders, shape our plan;
we trust, our will will then not block,
that He may build His own new man.

The day begun, then not on sand,
by His children, enabled, and led.,
reach for His guiding eyes and hand,
to follow what He's moved and said.

01/16/2016 Carol Welch
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