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Farewell 2015 and Welcome 2016

Appearing as Grim Reaper as you leave,
the shining, fresh and new to take your place
with your form, now decrepit, sad, why grieve?

Our laughter and songs ask for no reprieve,
reluctance not expressed on any face,
appearing as Grim Reaper as you leave.

New aspirations mark what we believe;
transformed with time, now see this very place.
Your sad, decrepit form now goes; why grieve?,

May passing gleam of tapestry we weave,
come, causing backward glance a touch of grace,
though we see you, Grim Reaper as you leave.

Two thousand, fifteen, as it's time to leave,
In Hands we trust, we learned a year to face.
Your sad form, not so sinister, why grieve?

Two thousand sixteen's blessings we'll receive,
still knowing, both the good and bad take place.
While you appear Grim Reaper as you leave,
replacing fading with new-born, why grieve?

01/03/2016 Carol Welch
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