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A Bridge Begun

What we have waited for, we evidence;
a massive chasm's spanning has begun.
Manmade structures dot magnificence;
the gouged bank, dwarf-like, its foothold won.

Delayed, and why? A landmark overruled?
Preserving nature and tradition's state?
The daunting task too much for work force schooled?
No, greater feats around, we celebrate.

Just look, the vast expanse of rock and stream,
now to be conquered by concrete and steel,
and as the flowing waters flash and gleam,
a new span will cross water known as Still.

The current span holds history and esteem,
engineering providing the lift to allow,
the river passage, work or passtime's theme,.
How will this old bridge be affected now?

Along the street the river's parallel,
just a glance discloses the grandeur,
the project underway the turns foretell
for the picturesque community of yore.

Can it be, the lessening traffic flow.,
may permit increasing stroll and view,
of sparkle and antiquity's bright glow?
Homebound workers unimpeded travel through.

The practical and the nostalgic meet,
where waters, the grand St. Croix River flow.
Stillwater may be blessed with quiet street,
while feet and eyes still her enchantment know.

05/17/2015 Carol Welch
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