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Memorial Day

Cold north wind pierces when we looked for glow,
soft; warmth of spring that brought the flowers bright;
placed for dear ones we used to know,
walk with, talk with, share the day and night.

Anticipate the honor and salute,
to those who, willingly risked their lives,
gather near the graves of those whose youth,
was lost to shield children, homes, and wives.

Short holding on of winter's icy grip,
while bravely bloom tulip and daffodil
assured outset of summer's annual trip,
crop in the field and picnic on the hill.

With signs of newness, then, anticipate,
while recalling in honor lives now past,
believing life goes on, appreciate,
the message that life will forever last.

Oh, yes, cold winds will change once more to mild,
new life will appear in woods, on farm.
Spotted babies, we may see in the wild,
and will enjoy the sun and day that's warm.

05/25/2015 Carol Welch
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