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I anticipated, attended, elated,
to share the occasion with dear family
grandchild graduating,
one planning and waiting,
a new home initiating ,
gown's choosing, I'd see.

Their thoughtful planning many miles spanning,
granddaughters and daughter in church joined in song,
so their mom could be present
during visit, with joy spent,
with music's support lent,
visit's privilege prolong.

The rehearsal, a pleasure, added to treasure,
with relaxed enjoyment of director, quartet,
the theme honoring care,
of the Father, declare,
His love everywhere,
His children's needs met.

Loving song, when performed, ears thrilled and heart warmed,
as they blended their voices in sweet harmony.
The solo's clear soaring,
harmony's skilled mooring,
the melody's scoring,
beauty, hear and see.

As they raised in rejoicing to beloved God voicing,
they honored with singing the God they adore.
The harmony blending,
to my spirit sending,
I would stay the grand ending ,
and bid it "Encore."

Special time spent together, moved on like the weather,
and the mist on the windshield said too,
"Time to touch is now ending,
though thoughts of love blending,
say that the presence wending,
will return." Say, "Encore."

05/26/2015 Carol Welch
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