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Rail and Trail

Dense, heavy black and puffing smoke,
rasping song of wheel on rail,
bell's clang, steam whistle, coal and coke,
forerunner of Cattail Trail.

round water tank on upright posts,
providing steam for power,
farms and factories, waiting hosts,
lumber, produce, steel and flour.

Depot, now rustic, then received
telegrams from regions far.
Passengers their bags retrieved
to exit or board their car.

Circular band stand once held forth,
local orchestra, speech or song.
For a time, children got their dime's worth.
with the mini train bell's ding dong.

Once again the Cattail Trail
celebrates community.
Local merchants, without fail,
offer hospitality.

Now sporting a bright replica,
of the depot glossy red,
a shade for Farmer's market,
friends' visit, papers read.

Gathered near the Apple River,
see activities galore ,
from petting zoo to bargain giver,
by the Free Press, club, and store

These days, we heartily cheer for, use,
where ran the chugging singing rail,
Stower's name honored, we did choose
for the beautiful Cattail Trail.

©05/27/2015 Carol Welch
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