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Resilient Wisconsinites

A lamb we'll see as March arrives?
Or will it come in as a lion fierce?
When mercury soars or maybe dives,
sun, warm, glows or blustery winds pierce?

A theater of seasons we expect,
no want of variety, never dull.
Sometimes sit back; watch snow collect,
Surprise, sun melts it; and we have a lull.

Should change be lamb or lion fierce and bold,
sons, daughters, of Wisconsin take in stride,
the--somewhat--unexpected warmth or cold
prepared for biking or a late sled ride.

Our step;watch; what thaws may freeze again.
It isn't over 'till the grass is green.
With careful step, five will get you ten,
that you'll be glad another spring is seen.

02/29/2016 Carol Welch
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