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Frazzled Flower

A little fragile flower bud,
peeped out of the snow.
"I'm looking for a sunbeam
to gently help me grow."

Sunshine thrust forth, full of power,
upon the bud bore down.
"You need strong light every hour,
if you with bloom would crown"'

"The sun is strong and too intense."
the bud began to droop,
instead of bloom, turned to defense,
unable to regroup.

Wilted, dry, upon the stem,
seeing need for drops of rain,
the little bud tried to reach them;
torrents drove him down again.

"I seek to open, grow and bloom,"
the bud said, overpowered.
"How shall I grow with no room,
where I may have flowered?"

"Is there not a Gardener,
who sees and knows my need?
Would He not gently help me grow,
where He planted my seed?"

02/29/2016 Carol Welch
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