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I Sing Noel

"I Sing Noel." It lit a little fire in her heart.
"To all little children,"
And a labor of kindness had its start.

With lots of colored fabric, busy stitches,
surprises by one child for other children done,
and visions of the smiles on little faces
made the effort of dedicated hours fun.

"To all little boys,"
With carefully cut patterns designed,
"Who have no Teddy bears."
Something just for him, a gift he'll find.

"To all little girls,"
We'll put smiles in the sewn-on eyes.
"Who have no dolly to hold."
For some little girl's Christmas surprise.

In such a busy world all rushed and hurried,
a blessing on my heart that Christmas fell,
by one who moved and didn't merely weep,
when she heard the song, "I Sing Noel."

04/12/2015 Carol Welch
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