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Woodland Trail

What we have loved, the woods' unconquered charm,
spring's wild flowers, dainty discoveries,
uncurling ferns, blackberry, with thorns arm,
within the shadows, are rich mysteries.

With passing spring, obstructed by small brush,
the view is limited to what is near.
Pure mystery is a rustle in the hush;
unsafe stones and bees do not appear.

Loved scene of thicket hard to penetrate,
now made unhealthy by a tiny pest,
the tick, once thought to merely irritate,
its harm those sick or disabled will attest.

A remedy for this predicament,
a man who loves roaming in the wood,
appalled that a tiny bug can prevent
access, without threat, to enjoy the good.

A trail: Those pests are known to wait astride
low brush and tall grass their victim to attach.
With purposeful effort and vigor applied,
we prevent harm potentially worse than scratch.

So, then, a flimsy mower and an axe,
along with pruning tools just kept on hand,
the nature lover armed with needed facts,
encounters the obstacles on the land.

Would he detract from nature's fair display,
by trimming out the foliage that conceals?
less, than we might think to take away,
freed up flora enhances what one feels.

Green paths cut among the plants and trees
not only give us view but keep away
those pests that we avoid to fight disease,
give welcome to friends to share the day.

Now fern and fungi, berry bush and moss,
apparent when thick brush is trimmed away,
adds to our enjoyment, not a loss.
God's wild creatures borrow it each day .

So, stop on by our woodland walking trail,
enjoy the hidden haven of the fawn.
Step quietly; you may see nesting quail,
a piece of nature greeting every dawn.

09/18/2015 Carol Welch
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