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Doors Closing and Opening

"A new door opens," it is said,
when the door closes we would pass.
Step with confidence; lift up your head;
could a clue be in the looking glass?

With open eyes we may look inside;
let perspective sense a loosened grip,
releasing our attitude of pride,
into the scene, some needed hope may slip.

What new thing may the now-vacant place,
fill with momentum, build again with verve?
That which disguised its timely face,
obscured by the self-deceptive curve.

Around the corner, there it may be found,
by the apt eyes of an ingenious one,
seeing the mark, attractive , timely, sound,
likelihood in what is not yet done.

Should Providence step in and make the way,
and inspiration grasp the able mind.
may be, from within, one day--today?
the open door, replacing closed, we'll find.

07/16/2015 Carol Welch
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