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Awesome Visit

You welcomed me and let me see,
I stood, all shabby, foul and poor,
the son You planned for me to be,
admittance gave me through Your door.
And then You took me to Your side
and lifted me up on Your knee.
I would have shrunk back, run to hide;
Your powers, realm, You sowed to me.

As I approach now, eager, glad,
wider still, the vistas grow.
Like a newly enlightened lad,
more of You I learn and know.
With Your people I would share,
bring the wonders shown to me.
Perceive cold shoulders-- do I dare--
though I would see them glad and free?

Dilemma, now, where do I turn,
to share what You would teach yourself ,
risk the encounter, face the spurn?
Put Your dear teaching on the shelf?
A friend of God, as Moses stood,
When I meet alone with You,
and bring to other men, I would,
with You, I trust, You'll show me too.

I'd like to bring a friend along,
but they don't seem to see Your face,
perceive Your light or sing Your song.
Help them find You by Your grace.
I'd share with them Your truth so bright,
Your love encompass everything,
Holy music, blitz of light,
awesome surroundings, praise to sing.
At a loss to say or do,
Astounding Father God, it's you.

06/29/2015 Carol Welch
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