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Stepping or Stumbling Stones

We stumble on a stone we do not see,
or fail to judge its distance, depth or height.
A stepping stone, however, well may be
one we've judged secure by sense or sight.

The block that bars our way is often times
caused by no thought to seek a way around.
As we stand stymied by too steep a climb,
we may have detoured if the way were found.

A look into eyes that disparage me
may be failure to see frailties they defend.
Not only I have vulnerability;
possibly, in empathy, could be a friend?

If stepping stones when found in company,
and to the difficulty then applied,
instead of stumbling blocks, perhaps we'd see,
surprising-- a way to the other side.

Staunch hand to hold may well prevent a slip,
negotiating gap and treacherous mire.
Apprehensions lose their fearsome grip;
assurances new points of view inspire.

08/08/2015 Carol Welch
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