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High Desert Park

The park, among the desert high,
all interspersed with palm and hedge,
like an oasis caught the eye,
a pleasing mix of pond and sedge

My granddaughter so dear, and I,
set out to feed the ducks and geese,
ignored the warning we passed by,
that said, "no, no,no!" don't feed these.

Inattention being fault that day,
we took our buns and tasty crumbs.
It may have been to have our way,
we approached geese and ducks, cute chums.

Gobbling eagerly, what joy,
to feed our winsome feathered pals;
soon, seemed a waterfowl envoy;
we tried a fast escape, pall-mall.

Calm ponds, blue, spacious, numerous,
pretty, pleasant, therapeutic,
We thought we'd try again to press
our efforts of duck recruitic.

Again, they came our way en masse,
the geese hunkered down and hissing.
Their intent seemed to harass,
our generous aims dismissing.

We hastily threw down the bread;
tasty crumbs flew in the sun.
Our walk finished in victory,
easy to see who it was that won.

Now, let's regard the lesson learned;
a sign ignored is worthless.
Sunshine and exercise thus earned,
not being caught still is not mirthless

02/11/2016 Carol Welch
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