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Singing Days Songbook

Today I found a songbook that I sought,
containing songs of childhood memories.
Renditions of them never can be bought.
but now we'll play and sing them if we please.

Spell-binding songs that no one ever hears,
that bright-eyed grade school pupils used to sing,
led by pitch pipe, melody adheres,.
What memories those back-looking lyrics bring.

My brother, his emerging baritone,
small tow head girl her soprano trilled.
Someone has made available this one,
a grand distributor my wishes filled.

A day begun with rousing morning hymn,
nostalgic songs and patriotic tune,
from countries far, rejoicing, sorrow grim,
by some, dismissed, when school let out in June.

But, glory, now the songs we children sang,
I will recall, the words and music own,
that someone sold online after so long,
when hopes of retrieving it had flown.

I'll hold it in my hands, the precious book,
of Heaven, country, home and fun inspire.
Now, if you're lucky, you may have a look,
and even sing from it if you desire.

02/08/2016 Carol Welch
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