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Faces of Fall

Wetness reflects the lights on city streets,
runs down the window panes in rivulets,
joining like tributaries, into sheets,
grass cushion every footstep wets.

Leaves swirl to cling to rock and brick;
unbridled clouds reveal and hide the moon.
On fences, remaining grape leaves flick,
skeleton of winding, verdant June.

Day brings surprise, streets we see washed clean,
the lawn, a scattered, random work of art,
soon to be raked, baring remaining green.
Evidence of seasons' change touch the heart.

Again, the Lord of seasons keeps the pledge;
seedtime and harvest in their order pass.
The beauty, dark and light, in sky or hedge,
glory in the sky and trees and grass.

The harvest moon gives tangerine display,
as in the night the geese their parting call.
The rain, the cooling trend, leaves' bright bouquet,
show Father's preparation in the fall.

09/27/2015 Carol Welch
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