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Thanks for the Memories

Searching on the social media,
to find those precious kin.
Could diligence somehow lead you,
when hope's results seem thin?

Oh, rats! Why hadn't I taken time
to familiarize myself,
with the world wide system,
leaving it mostly on the shelf?

Aha! An agent of the form,
Dear communication buff,
abetting a meeting glad and warm,
happy--never long enough.

Hurray, response was on the way,
to actually see those faces.
Time's window small, allowed good day,
to meet in matchless far-off places.

An effort made, and cordial hands,
met ours and memories shared,
in vast and varied, unique lands,
What joy how we all cared.

The hours all too soon were gone,
reluctantly, was time to part.
Now, thanks and smiles still linger on;
for cousins of such warm heart.

01/27/2016 Carol Welch
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