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Music on the river

The river once more comes alive with verve,
where yesterday the reeds waved languidly.
Just listen; hear tones sound and swing and curve,
inspiring feet to tap, prompt sociability.

Prompting some young feet cartwheels to turn,
while get-acquainted conversations raise,
Bluegrass nurtures souls with its return;
strum of banjos, country and modern ways.

Oh, balmy summer night, host festive mood,
the plans to bring community a lift,
combining music, laughs, refreshment food,
memories for participants, a gift.

The cattails quiver as the beat goes on,
as ripples gently lend their background strain.
Attendees, glad prevailing showers are gone,
mercifully delayed, until wee hours, the rain.

Longing, the soul of the community,
fulfilled with ingredients for memories.
As the river flows, enjoining to the sea,
May tomorrow add its effect to these.

07/20/2015 Carol Welch
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