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A Song Revisited

I can't believe I've heard the song,
I heard when I was young and sad.
Though I had felt old, and life seemed wrong,
its strains somehow made me feel glad.

It sang of restless loneliness,
and told me I was not alone.
So when hope came and happiness,
my thankful heart its tones held on.

It held the beauty of the song,
that shared the heart of brokenness.
When sunny days then came along,
I felt for others in distress.

It sang for me to hearts in pain,
who only feel misunderstood.
Now I hear it once again,
and thank God for the bad and good.

I've heard the song in sad and glad,
felt the hand that soothed the pain.
How thankful for the songs I've had,
that seemed to pass and played again.

02/15/2016 Carol Welch
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